Gestalt Therapy Training Course 2024-28

We are launching an international Gestalt Therapy Course in Budapest, Hungary in Autumn 2024!

At the Budapest Gestalt Institute, our goal with this four-year training is to train professionally qualified, credible and responsible Gestalt therapists in Hungary. The course is led by strong professional cooperation with the Norwegian Gestalt Institute (NGI), with Hungarian teachers and Norwegian guest teachers, and is internationally accredited by the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT).

1. Structure of the training

The main elements of the course are practice-oriented, training-type training modules, which take place 7-8 times a year. Most training modules take place in person in Budapest, 1 module per year is planned to be digital / virtual.
The training sessions are 2.5 days (Thursday 4pm – 9pm, Friday 9am – 6.30pm, Saturday 9am – 4.30pm), of which one session in the first two years is a leaderless group. The training modules will be complemented by a number of other elements to ensure further learning, practice and adequate preparation:


  • Writing a self-reflective essay after each training 
  • Completion of a final paper at the end of the year
  • Small group meetings between training modules
  • Approximately 1000 pages of English literature per year
  • 100 hours of mandatory experiential Gestalt therapy with an accredited therapist
  • Real life practice as student therapist with clients from year 3
  • Group supervision in year 3-4 to support the therapeutic work of the practitioner

2.Prerequisites for training / Entrance conditions

  • BA/MA diploma
  • English language skills – the course takes place in English
  • Prior self-awareness experience – individual, couple or group format is also acceptable. 
  • Work experience in a relevant field would be an advantage. Relevant areas include: helping professions, health/social work, education/training and human resource management experience, management consultancy. 
  • In addition to the above, all applicants will attend an interview. The purpose of the interview is to assess the participant’s qualifications, aptitude, self-reflection and to identify any disqualifying factors. Interviews are usually held in June, depending on the number of applications.

3. Who should attend?

  • People working in the helping professions who wish to get familiar with Gestalt perspective.
  • Coaches or prospective coaches who wish to gain a broader knowledge and deeper self-knowledge than they have acquired through learning and practising business coaching.
  • Practicing therapists who want to expand their own toolbox.
  • Professionals who want to apply Gestalt therapy methodology.

4. Why you should choose this course?

  • international embeddedness – we work in strong professional cooperation with the Norwegian Institute and with guest teachers, our graduates are eligible for the European (EAGT) Gestalt therapist qualification, we teach from international literature
  • benefit from a training concept that has been streamlined and continuously developed over decades of experience
  • practice-led training – we consider experiential learning as the most important form of learning, with an emphasis on self-reflection
  • we also provide a solid theoretical and literature base to support your therapeutic practice
  • our teachers and supervisors are all active practitioners with many years of experience
  • we offer diversity – both in the composition of the group and the professional staff, and in the variety of learning formats

5. Official information concerning the Hungarian Adult Education System

There are no professional prerequisites, no prior qualifications are required.

The advertised programme is training by announcement.

Upon completion of the programme, a certificate can be requested, which only certifies the completion of the programme and does not certify professional qualifications or competences. The certificate does not give access to employment or to any other activity.

Registration number of Budapest Gestalt Institute Ltd. for adult education: B/2020/000085

Training dates

  • 26-28/09/2024
  • 7-9/11/2024
  • 5-7/12/2024
  • 17-18/01/2025
  • 6-8/02/2025
  • 6-8/03/2025
  • 3-5/04/2025
  • 5-7/06/2025

Tuition fee & Reductions 

regarding the 1st year of the training*

very early bird

application deadline: 15 April 2024

MaG/HuG members

Lump sum
2.435 EUR + VAT

Non MaG/HuG members

Lump sum
2.515 EUR + VAT

early bird

application deadline: 30 APRIL 2024

MaG/HuG members

Lump sum
2.515 EUR + VAT

Non MaG/HuG members

Lump sum
2.590 EUR + VAT


application deadline: 31 MAY 2024 

MaG/HuG members

Lump sum
2.665 EUR + VAT

2.790 EUR + VAT

Non MaG/HuG members

Lump sum
2.740 EUR + VAT

2.865 EUR + VAT

The price of the training does not include the price of self-experience Gestalt Therapy hours and group supervision fee in year 3-4.

* Early bird discounts only apply to the 1st year of the training. During the 4 years, we reserve the right to adjust the participation fee based on annual inflation rate.


MaG/HuG membership fee

18.000 HUF/yr

Application process

1. After your application has been processed, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. Your application becomes final upon payment of the deposit (250 EUR + VAT), after receipt of which we will send you the invoice.

2. We would like to know more about you before the course starts, so we will invite you for an interview.

3. If you would like to become a member of the Hungarian Gestalt Association (MaG/HuG), please visit, as a HuG member you will be entitled to a discounted training fee.

Tuition support

You can also apply for tuition support, contact us at

Cancellation policy

Cancellation is only possible in writing. In case of cancellation of participation, if it happens within 4 weeks before the training, we will charge an administration fee of 20% + VAT. In case of cancellation within 2 weeks before the training, the participant must reimburse the full annual participation fee. It is of course possible to replace the registered participant.

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